Whispers of Colour de Güler Ates
En Kubikgallery
Rua da Restauração 2, Porto, Portugal.
Desde el 25 de Enero
Hasta el 1 de Marzo

Kubikgallery proudly presents Whispers of Colour, a solo exhibition featuring a series of photographs by London-based Turkish artist Güler Ates. These photographs are created in the Royal Academy of Arts Research Library in the United Kingdom, serving the needs of Royal Academicians, students and scholars for over two centuries. In her work we would like to highlight the unusual crossing between an occidental and an oriental vision that approaches the mechanisms of power, the weight of culture and the physicality of bodies, as well as all the problematics or instigated questions that arrive from this confrontation. For this first solo exhibition at Kubikgallery, we selected a group of works that place the veiled female figure, which is often at the centre of Ates’ work, in the context of a library. These images have an enormous symbolic, architectonic and representational character, making us wonder about gender and identity matters but at the same time, placing the spectator in tension and fascinated doubt. Ates work suggests a synthesis of the curiosity of the occidental vision and the oriental paradigm, requestioning the definition of the exotic, and the boundaries between public and private, thus offering a complex challenge to fixed identity.

Obra de Güler Ates.
Obra de Güler Ates.

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